Bachelor of Commerce

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Commerce refers to the "acts of buying or selling” usually in an extensive setting. In essence it involves transaction of commodities. It encompasses the economic, social, legal, political, cultural and technological setup that makes such activity possible. Commerce is usually conducted at an international level. The program is suited to people who have entrepreneurial dreams or work closely with the business world. These include future economists, tax experts, lawyers, chartered accountants and MBA aspirants.

The student who aspires to enter the program should have good communication skills, ability to network, affinity for hard work, business vision, appreciation for different perspectives and a mind for calculation. The best part is that the degree it is open to students of all the streams, Science or Arts. a good understanding of the English language is quite conducive to the degree program.


The curriculum in a B.COM is designed to convey to the student the core workings of the Commerce. Therefore subjects deal with Accounts, Economics and Mathematics. Some allied subjects dealt with are Finance, Taxation, Business Skills and Management.

The subjects at a detailed level include a number of topics such as Business Economics, Income tax, Cost accounting, financial accounting, Auditing, Marketing, Company Law, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship.

The course also delves in to the relevant mathematics and statistics. Business. Due to the advent of computers Information Technology is included in the curriculum. The most basic profile B.COM graduate can work is of an Accountant or Auditor. As markets and economy expand with the advent of foreign organizations a number of profiles have opened up for B.COMs such as Business Analyst, Finance Officer and Sales Analyst.